Doctor of Medicine (MD), with special award; Full Professor of University School and accredited for Full Professor of University Faculty by the ANECA (2013/10/28); with four five-year periods of teaching recognized, two "Docentia" positive evaluation periods (2005-2009 and 2010-2014), two six-year periods of research activity (2008-2004 and 2005-2010) and seven stages of research and teaching excellence by the agency for the quality of the University system of Galicia (ACSUG). Graduate in Consumption and Master in Management of Geriatric Centers as well as in Clinical and Social Gerontology by the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Director of Master and Specialist in Clinical Gerontology. Master in Assessment and Gerontological and Geriatric intervention. Interuniversity Master Degree in Gerontology, with the University of Santiago de Compostela. I have participated as a teacher in different degree, Master and doctorate programs and directed the Ph.D. Aging program: Advances and Research of the Department of Medicine of the University of A Coruña (UDC), existing during the period 2005-2007, the moment in which starts the Doctorate in Gerontology (2009-2014).

Director of the Gerontology Research Group at the University of A Coruña. So far, I have directed 17 doctoral theses, all of them with the highest rating, two of which have been with European mention. I have also directed numerous end-of-grade, end-of-master and DEA projects. I am an author of 82 scientific papers, 40 of them indexed in the ISI Web of Sciences (JCR) and 77 books and chapters of books of which 26 are complete books published in national and international well-known editorials with ISBN.

I have participated in 16 national and 19 international conferences, presenting 120 works, of which 16 were lectures as guess speaker.

Regarding the quality and number of research contracts and projects, I participated as IP in 47 competitive projects, 6 awarded by the European Union and 1 by the AECI, for a total amount of €1.401.762,67. Adding the funding obtained by projects and contracts or agreements, I have captured €8.506.402,80, which allowed the creation and funding of research positions; as well as the achievement of different goals reflected in my CV. I have actively participated in the transfer of technology from one of our lines of research, the so-called Information Technology and Applied Communications to improve the quality of life of the elderly: Telegerontologia® (1 patent and 3 records of intellectual property), being currently exploited by a technology-based company: Galician Resources and Geriatric Services S.L.

I've completed a predoctoral stay in the “Lennart Levi” Centre of Research at the University of Santiago de Compostela, and two postdoctoral stays at the University of Gabrovo (Bulgaria) and at the Matia Gerontological Institute (Ingema, San Sebastián), as well as one IACOBUS stay in the Gerontology area of the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (Portugal).

Secretary of the University School of Occupational Therapy (1999-2000), Deputy Director of the EUTO (2000-2001), Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences (2001-2005), and currently Coordinator of the Interuniversity Official Master in Gerontology (2006-2015) and Vocal of the Academic Commission of the Doctorate in Health Sciences (2013-present).


Director Grupo Investigación en Gerontología
Teléfono: 981 167 000 (Ext.: 5865)

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