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Gerontology Research Group


Telegerontology: Design, elaboration and validation of a new on-line caring resource addressed to the elderly

Collaborators FINANCED BY

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. IMSERSO


University of A Coruña Association of Pensioners and Retired People. A Coruña Galician Super-computation Centre TELEVÉS
University of Vigo Social Programme - Caixa Galicia Pedro Barrié de la Maza Foundation A Coruña County Council


It is a new resource of home support addressed to elder people and/or persons with functional and/or cognitive loss. It´s born thanks to the evolution of the classic tele-assistance basing its development in the great advances in the communication and information technologies.

Following the basic principles of gerontological attention, TELEGERONTOLOGY favours cognitive valuations “on-line” and personalize the therapeutic actuations.

And all this through a conventional telephone line, the TV set and a “home bridge” of self development.



Prototype II


Telegerontology functionalities at present TELEGERONTOLOGY FUNCTIONALITIES AT PRESENT

 The possibility to transmit rehabilitation sessions

Group Therapy

 The possibility to have live consultations

Professional at home

 The possibility to carry out cognitive intervention

Cognitive stimulation

 The possibility to do emergency calls



Functions under development FUNCTIONS UNDER DEVELOPMENT

 The domotic control

 The bio-medical parameters control

 The localization of users via GPS


What have we done up to now? WHAT HAVE WE DONE UP TO NOW?

 To develop the residential bridge

Telegerontology project  Integration of new technologies (CIT) in daily life

 Audio-visual communication centre/user

 Use of conventional home TV set

 New necessities: possibilities of future growth

 Galician design, development and manufacture

 To develop the management applications

Telegerontology project  Allows to eliminate barriers user/services

 Ergonomics and easy use

 Functional requirements

 Accessibility: physical, sensorial and cognitive

 Galician design, development and manufacture

 To develop the browser device

 To develop the telealarm-finder system

Telegerontology project

 To develop the application of cognitive tele-stimulation


What is still left? WHAT IS STILL LEFT?

 The integration of biomedical devices

 The integration of domotic devices

 The improvement of some functionalities

 Economical resources to continue with development



 New resource of gerontological attention

 Possibility to keep people at their own homes for more time with a 24 hours/day, 365 days/year support

 Fully developed in Galicia

 Consortium of entities

 In collaboration with the administration

 No distance limit [ INTERNET ]



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